-WELCOME TO BLACKARRO PRODUCTIONS. Home for Animated Films and Content by F.Sudol, whose credits include work on the SOUTH PARK: Bigger Longer and Uncut movie, "City of Rott" and more... BlackArro Productions, a small animation studio, began in 2005, with the first animated horror hit, "City of Rott", originally released by Unearthed Films in 2006, followed by "Dead Fury" in 2008. COR was also available in stores such as Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery nationwide. BlackArro Productions continues producing new, entertaining titles under F.Sudol, also associated with FSudolArt, FSudol Films and F.Sudol Art Video.

NEWS: December 2013: For the latest new pics, videos and news on CITY OF ROTT 2 and possible future titles, head to the new OFFICIAL CITY OF ROTT WEBSITE at :


NEWS: November 2013: CITY OF ROTT 2 continues to progress. Final rendering has not begun, but the filming is going well so far. No major snags in production in awhile now after troubleshooting some earlier complications. Above is the new 2nd Poster showcasing Max Bludharte, aka Rahptius from City of Rott 2.

NEWS: October 2013

New City of Rott 2 Promotional Poster debut, showcasing the style and hinting at what is to be anticipated with this much improved sequel. Keep in mind, this is Fred's brother, Harry, not Fred himself from the first movie. Stay tuned for more news soon. Below is one of the first images from the film. Thanks! -F.Sudol

In OTHER NEWS: F.Sudol is planning to release under BlackArro Music, 3 previously unreleased 2012, 2013 Electronica Albums under the moniker AGGRESSIVE ELECTRONX (Aggressive Electronics pronounced). For the latest news, including the production of the newest Album entitled "INCINERATE", AE003 set for early 2014, visit the following site: http://aggressivelectronx.wordpress.com/

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